The Traditional Values Coalition (TVC) released a press release and report on September 26th entitled Will Cross-Dressing Activists Come To Your School?. (Off-TVC Link to a PDF of the report here for those who experience the TVC trackback blocking.) Executive Director Andrea Lafferty wrote the report.

One heavily relied upon source for the new TVC report is Daniel E. Byrne’s NARTH article Pediatric Academic Societies’ 2006 Annual Meeting Encourages Normalization Of Gender-Variant Children. The TVC identified Dr. Byrne as a NARTH member — in fact most of the Part II of the TVC report came from Byrne’s article — but with the new NARTH disclaimer, who knows the heck knows if Dr. Byrne was actually speaking for NARTH, or if the NARTH website crew just posted the article as an “free speech” opinion. (Rhetorical question alert: Will the NARTH Website now publish “opposition” pieces submitted by gay and transgender affirming psychologists/psychiatrists as part of their new “free speech” approach to sexual orientation and gender identity?)

Here are some excerpts from the new TVC report (in no particular order)…

Most GID Children Eventually Turn To Homosexual Behaviors
The unfortunate truth is that from 75-80% of GID children eventually turn to homosexual behaviors to cope with their gender confusion.

[San Francisco Chronicle reporter Ilene] Lelchuk interviewed a number of other so-called “experts” on gender variant children (these are children with growing or serious Gender Identity Disorders [GID], who need treatment, not affirmation.

[Arlene Istar] Lev described herself as a lesbian “currently in a same-sex, opposite-gender relationship.” Try to figure that one out. Does she mean she’s living with a man who thinks he’s a woman or is she living with a female-to-male individual who has undergone a so-called sex change? Worse yet, is she living with a She/Male who has chosen to go through only half of a sex change and is neither completely man or woman?

Common sense should tell us that a girl or boy who believes they are the opposite sex is seriously disturbed. They need and deserve counseling to overcome this destructive self-hatred that has them confused about who they really are. They are not, as Lev, observes, simply marching to the sound of a different drummer.

Lev and her colleagues are engaging in child abuse. To teach kindergartners that they can wear opposite sex clothing or to teach teenagers that they should begin taking hormones for a “sex change” to forestall puberty is cruel punishment to a sexually confused teen. No teen should be encouraged to mutilate their body.

Andrea Lafferty interchangeably jumps throughout the report from transsexual propagandist commentary to homosexual commentary, treating all GLBT/“homosexual”/“cross-dresser” issues as synonymous. The last excerpt from the TVC report is a reminder that many religious right folk see no daylight between what they perceive as gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender issues:

We Told You So
TVC has long warned that one of the next phases of the homosexual movement is to normalize cross-dressing and sex change operations. The ultimate goal is to blur all distinctions between male and female—and to destroy marriage as a God-ordained institution.

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