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…I feel this information might be important:

The Mormon/LDS Church has published on their news-web a pseudo-interview with two high-ranking authorities and an anonymous PR (internal) person.

1) The Mormon Church does not believe in conversion therapies.
2) The Mormon Church does not believe heterosexual marriage is a cure for those afflicted with same-gender sexual identification.
3) Those with gay tendencies need to live a celibate life like any single person.
4) Those with gay tendencies (it is a behavioral thing) can be assimilated fully (except to be called on as a Bishop) in the workings of the church if they are celibate and do not act on their inclinations.
5) The support of the Federal Marriage Amendment is a political reaction to gay equality actions and should not be construed as being anti-gay.

I note several things: They avoid using the term: same-sex and use: same-gender. As for #1 above: NARTH and Evergreen has been and still is tightly aligned with the LDS Church. #2: This is a major and radical departure of what they told their gay members for decades. #4: Any gay person with any thoughts of being accepted in the mainstream congregation is a fool if they think they will be treated as an equal. They would never put a gay man in charge of any Boy Scouts troop or have a gay man teach in any Sunday School. Basically, a gay person is welcome to warm the seats in the pew and pay tithing but do not expect any other responsibilities/duties within the Ward.

Analysis and constructive criticism are welcome — especially from individuals familiar with Mormon belief and practice.

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