From an article in the Desert Sun, it seems that a minister in Palm Springs is planning a conference called Love Breaks Out.

I don’t know much more than is in the article other than it’s being organized by Nick Warner, a clinical psychologist, and pastor at Desert Oasis Chapel in Palm Springs. Warner spoke at the Unity Rally and was knowledgeable, intelligent, compassionate and disinclined to villainize those who attended the LWO conference. He was one who mentioned at the rally that he had been to a LWO conference and that the attendees were motivated by fear and misunderstanding rather than by hate.

Also, one of the speakers will be Worthie Meacham, a very sincere, honest, and loving person who is a gifted speaker and good friend (and who sat in front of me at church Sunday morning).

Meacham, 45, lived as an ex-gay for more than a dozen years until a pro-gay, pro-Christian conference convinced him God had not forsaken him.

“The church says either one or the other; either you keep your spirituality or your sexuality,” he said.

As we find out more information, I’ll post it.

UPDATE: The event has more information on its website at

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