The St. Louis Post-Dispatch has an article about Courage, the Catholic ex-gay group, meeting there and a protest held by Catholic Action Network for Social Justice.

Protestors objected that Courage views homosexuality as changable through reparative therapy.

Christina Nair, speaking for Courage, said the group does not engage in reparative therapy but would support people who seek out such therapy. The group does not force anyone into a life they don’t want, she said.

“The purpose of Courage is to provide support for men and women with same-sex attractions who want to live a chaste life,” she said. “We’re not trying to ‘cure’ anyone. We provide spiritual support.”

Contrary to Exodus’ message of “change is possible”, those persons who do not wish to live consistent with their same-sex attractions are provided by Courage with a more honest assessment of their future

A “chaste life” for some people might mean eventually getting married to someone of the opposite sex, Nair said. For others, it may simply mean not acting on same-sex attractions.

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