With the culmination of the Gay Games VII in Chicago, so too ends the protest led by IFI’s LaBarbera and his crew of less-than-reputable ex-gays. Although there was a full schedule of protest planned throughout the Gaymes, very little was reported in the press; even the religious press did not seem to much notice IFI’s efforts.

The Chicago Tribune, in its article about the closing ceremonies, did mention the following:

Some people traveled hundreds of miles to protest the Games, but they seemed to have little impact on participants. The Illinois Family Institute staged a week of lectures in a downtown hotel to state their case that homosexuality is immoral, but few people attended , Executive Director Peter LaBarbera said.

Elsewhere LaBarbera called the Gaymes a “flop” but this does not seem to be a sentiment shared by many others.

Other than IFI’s press releases, the ex-gays did not seem to get any notice at all.

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