Picture of KKK with burning crossJames Dobson of Focus on the Family unfavorably compares the love and faith of gay couples to the slave trade.

Meanwhile, Dobson’s unholy culture-war allies vigilantes have recently begun burning crosses on the lawns of gay, black and interracial homes in Alabama, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, and Tennessee.

And a Jewish family in Delaware has been forced to move because the local public school board, after refusing to pray “in God’s name” — they insisted on praying only in Jesus’ name — proceeded to allow “Christian” classmates to call the Jewish family’s kids Christ-killers. Board members and local “Christians” then made it unsafe for the family to wear yarmulkes in public. Having outshouted the ACLU by harassing the Jewish family completely out of town, the Stop The ACLU Coalition declared victory in defending so-called Christianity in “these politically correct times.”

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Does anyone else see some culpability on Dobson’s part — a responsiblity to depict the civil rights movement and its imagery with truth and not evil, to promote respect for the safety and freedom of all people, and to worship a God of love and not fear and hatred?

Thankfully, some genuine people of faith and justice — Faith In America, Sojourners, Tikkun, Talk to Action, the Southern Poverty Law Center, People for the American Way, the American Friends Service Committee, and yes, even the American Civil Liberties Union — have their eyes open to what Dobson and his religious-rightist allies are doing to destroy freedom of religion and threaten the safety of ethnic, religious and sexual minorities.

(Image source: Faith In America. Hat tip: Perspective of Pete)

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