From the Marion Chronicle Tribune:

As the annual Exodus Freedom Conference began in the Phillippe Performing Arts Center auditorium, a group of about 12 people with the Gay Liberation Network stood at Indiana Wesleyan University’s main entrance in protest.

“We consider the Exodus network and other so called ‘ex-gay’ ministries dangerous, particularly to gay youths,” said Bob Schwartz, a member of the GLN coordination committee. “They’re taking the focus off of adults, where they’ve had one abysmal failure after another, and are moving toward youths, and we consider this child abuse.”

The article concludes:

“Our target is people who are unsatisfied; our target is not happily gay people,” [Executive Vice President Mike] Goeke said.

Apparently we’re not talking about the civil liberties of happy gay people or happy gay teenagers shipped off to Love In Action by their disgruntled parents.

So yeah, no targeting of happy gay people going on here.

Hat tip Mike of PageOneQ

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