The Canadian Press — the Canadian branch of AP — has picked up and expanded upon the story first reported by Truth Wins Out last week: that Focus on the Family exgay activist Melissa Fryrear had “hijacked” and distorted Canadian research on lesbian teen suicide to support her employer’s political beliefs.

In fact, said [Dr. Elizabeth] Saewyc, American studies have noted that gay teenagers are at the highest risk of suicide before they come out of the closet. After that, they do quite well unless they’re harassed.

“If they’re trying to kill themselves because they’re embracing homosexuality, one would logically conclude they should all be suicidal,” said Saewyc.

Suicide attempts among heterosexual teens are also often associated with harassment, discrimination and violence, she said.

According to the Canadian Press, Fryrear extended her distortions of science:

Some clinical studies, including one by Dr. Robert Spitzer, have linked contemplating suicide to unwanted attractions to the same sex, she said.

Dr. Spitzer’s study made no such link. The Spitzer study performed no research and offered no conclusions about suicide, and in fact Spitzer made no effort to study mental health among gay or lesbian persons. The study solely examined self-reporting of the degree of “change” in sexual orientation among approximately 200 longtime exgay counseling participants.

Addendum: Spitzer says Fryrear misused his study

Hat tip for CP article: Truth Wins Out

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