Wayne Besen is reporting the following email reply from Alan Chambers of Exodus International concerning the recent posts by DL Foster.

I just emailed DL and asked him to retract his statement and to apologize. There is plenty we can disagree on without attacking one another.

I pray that DL will take my advice and make amends.


Alan Chambers

Exodus International

Randy Thomas has also commented about the situation on his own blog.  His apparent surprise at DL’s behavior is curious, as this is standard operating procedure for him.  Judge for yourself, but he does seem to be genuinely offended by the post, although in a way that won’t be taken as “gay affirming”.

While it is certainly gratifying that Exodus is in some measure lodging disapproval of such vitriolic, hateful and racist comments, it has been a long time in coming.  DL has made no attempt to hide what he says and that almost always falls along the same lines.  In other words, this latest outburst of hate should not really be such a surprise to anyone.  Still, we are happy to see Alan Chambers and Randy Thomas make the attempt.

We can only wonder where PFOX stands in all of this.  Their site still lists Foster as a resource, describing him as one who “… work(s) diligently to raise awareness in the Black community on the need for holistic ministry to affected individuals as well as their families.”  Will they stand against Foster’s message which compares Wayne Besen to Adolf Hitler, his framework to expose fraud to The Final Solution?  We eagerly await their comments to find out.

For the record, DL claims Executive Board membership with both PFOX and Exodus Global Alliance, but we have so far been unable to verify either claim.

UPDATE: DL has responded to the calls for an apology, and it is to the surprise of no one that it is not forthcoming.

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