Eve Tushnet has posted a variety of reader reactions (along with her own responses) to her National Review Online article about Focus on the Family’s exgay-ideology road show.

Tushnet also links back to a spring debate on reparative therapy hosted by pro-exgay science pundit Prof. Warren Throckmorton.

Tushnet’s readers are generally thoughtful and conservative. The one truly annoying comment came from “L.,” who simultaneously acknowledges a lesbian orientation while rejecting lesbian behavior by marrying and having four children. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with that course of action; it’s the projection of her own prejudice that galls. Emphasis is mine:

My point, though, is that in today’s culture gays are depicted as having no control over their actions and as a lesbian, I know this to be untrue.

Perhaps I’m not meeting the right people, but the only folks I encounter who depict gays as consistently having no behavioral self-control are, frankly, the exgay and antigay ideologues.

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