Former Stephen Bennett guest Linda Harvey of Ohio-based Mission America had this to say on

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The Cleveland center website also states, regarding Ohio law:

A minor can consent to – or refuse – an HIV test for AIDS without parental permission.

Well, this may be the law, but it needs to be changed. Is it better to offer anonymous testing for minors – or to encourage better child-parent relationships? Which do we think has the longer-range potential of helping more kids, more of the time? The HIV rates aren’t going down and kids are clearly being encouraged, even seduced into having high-risk sex. Something is clearly not working.

What in the world are we doing exposing kids to opportunities to get involved in practices that are spreading an epidemic disease? How can we let kids make such huge health-care decisions, interact with health professionals, receive “counseling” and figure out what all this means, without the guidance of a parent or guardian?

Even though this consent by minors is becoming very common and is even upheld by law, there’s no excuse for putting kids in this position. It’s certainly feeding the problem of sexually transmitted diseases and sexual activity among America’s youth. [emphasis added]

Harvey offers absolutely no evidence whatsoever the restriction of access to HIV testing will have any effect on the spread of the epidemic. None.

Since Linda Harvey’s article appears on Alain’s Newsletter (which google classifies as hate speech) I thought a little graphic was in order. Alain has this spiffy little banner ad of Howard Dean which inspired mine of Linda Harvey.

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