PFOX may be having difficulty distinguishing between support for ex-gays and hostility to gays.

According to a WorldnetDaily article, PFOX was evicted from another educational convention, this time from the Virginia School Counselors Association Conference.

I have requested clarification from VSCA but have not yet heard back. However, based on the PFOX press release and on the information on Warren Throckmorton’s website, it appears that PFOX requested attendance based on being a support group for ex-gay individuals but arrived with material attacking gay people. PFOX admits that they brought and had on display material which the facilitators found objectionable including a book by Joseph Nicolosi, a paphlet entitled “Can Gays Change?” (a paphlet warning about the “health risks” of being gay, and “a story of a trangendered person who warns about surgery”.

The VSCA identified the following material which would be acceptable:

1. A one-page tri-fold called the bullying brochure. This contains factually inaccurate information about the origins of sexual orientation such as “…the evidence points to one’s environment” and suggests that you shouldn’t pick on effeminate boys because you can’t always tell and might be picking on a straight kid by accident. The other reason given for not calling someone “gay” is because that might turn them gay. The purpose of the pamphlet is advocate for removing “sexual orientation” as a category of people who one should not pick on.

2. A one-page tri-fold called the teen brochure. This also contains factually incorrect information about the origins of sexual orientation such as “There is no evidence showing the origins of same-sex attractions are genetic, but rather the evidence points to the environment”. It’s purpose seems to be to encourage kids to not identify as gay even if they are same-sex attracted.

Although PFOX offered to put away the (less) offensive materials, the organization asked them to leave because the two one-page handouts “would not be worth their time”. It is interesting that PFOX does not seem to have any materials that is directed to those who identify as ex-gay. All of their material seems to be designed to recruit or influence others.

I believe that PFOX needs to clarify its message. It can either be an organization that is supportive of those who choose to identify as ex-gay or it can be an anti-gay activist group. It can either focus on those seeking change, or they can continue to obsess about those who don’t. But if PFOX continues to apply to events under the heading of “supportive of those who choose to be ex-gay” but then shows up with materials that are defaming to gay people, they lose their credibility.

Perhaps PFOX is simply seeking to be a protest organization and get evicted from events to they can have a story at AgapePress. However, if they want to be taken seriously and have their position heard, they have to give up the anti-gay rhetoric.

When I hear back from the VSCA, I’ll provide more information.

WHOOOPS – it looks like Mike and I both posted on this. Sorry. Look at it as twice as much fun to read.

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