For many years the Caribbean has had a culture that encourages abuse towards gays. This has been most visible in Jamaica where a popular style of music seems obsessed with violence and death to gay people but now it is spreading throughout the area.

As is discussed in an article by Wayne Besen, among many , the attack has not been restricted to words or music:

• Jamaican reggae star Buju Banton was recently arrested for allegedly leading a small group of thugs who burst into a local gay man’s home and beat him. His hit song ‘Boom Bye-Bye’ tells fans to shoot gay people.

• Two Jamaican gay activists Brian Williamson and Steve Harvey were murdered within the last two years – the crowd celebrating as they publicly mutilated Williamson’s body.

• In 2004, a Jamaican father arranged for a mob to lynch his own son after discovering he was gay. The teen barely escaped with his life.

• Recently a gay man drowned after being chased off a pier by an angry crowd in Montego Bay.

• When Rosie O’Donnell’s cruse landed in Nassau, they were met with protestors telling them that “sissies” were not welcome on the island

• This past week a gay man was chased through the campus of the University of the West Indies in Kingston, Jamaica by rioting students after a student claimed the man had propositioned him in a college washroom. Although the police saved his life, he is being investigated under Jamaica’s sodomy law and will be charged with trespassing.

• Last week two gay newsmen were beaten with a tire iron outside a bar in St. Maarten. The police did not respond to calls for help.

The homophobia and violence in the Caribbean has reached the point where it has caught the attention of the straight world. Time Magazine has named Jamaica the most homophobic spot on earth.

The Caribbean communities have not felt shame for their actions. A Jamaican newspaper protested that they were not homophobic because they did not fear gays, gays feared them. A newspaper on St. Maarten blamed the victims for their own brutal beating and “silly homosexuals” in New York for trying to make anti-gay violence a “no-no”.

Exodus is stepping into this climate to bring a seminar on “Sex, Sexuality and Homosexuality: Engaging the Truth”.

What message will this seminar bring to this part of the world where murder of gay people is glorified and celebrated? The opening comment on their website gives us a clue:

As the world promotes more sexual freedom, increasing numbers of children, teens and adults in every part of the world are struggling with and being hurt by homosexuality, prostitution, sexual abuse, gender changes, pornography, sex before marriage and sex outside of marriage. Do you or your church know how bad the problem of sexual brokenness is?

In other words, the problem is not murder, but children being hurt by homosexuality. The Caribbean need not fight against beatings and death, but against sexual freedom. Lest there be any confusion that Exodus wishes to oppose the brutality and bring a message of change, the heading given to their flyer advertising this event is:

Some say decriminalise homosexuality……we say lets offer solutions

And what will the speakers have to say?

I was unable to find much about Pat Lawrence, other than she seems to focus on “how bad is sexual brokenness?”

However, on speaker DL Foster there is plenty. DL is not hesitant to clearly demonstrate the level of contempt he has for those individuals who are gay. DL has said the following:

On Foster’s religious conversion

The TV screen came into focus and my eyes immediately fell upon a troubling scene…Then a strange then happened. The “scene” froze. Everyone and everything. Nothing moved except him… He said to me, “I did all of this just for you.” Then he lowered his head again and continued on up the hill with his cross, on his way to PROVE what he had just said…When I came to myself I looked again at the crowd. This time I recognized a familiar face: it was my own. I also realized it was Jesus who has spoken to me.

On United Church of Christ ads welcoming all

The UCC has been co-opted by spiritually violent homosexuals who care little about the integrity of Christ’s church. Rather the church to them is simply a vehicle to launch an assualt on anyone who will not accept their lifestyle.

On ex-gay politics

The question becomes then, how do we talk about the issues affecting us and important to us in the public square as former homosexuals under the threat of such harsh judgement? We can step out and advocate for our beliefs (which is our right as taxpaying citizens) or we can remain silent and hidden, thereby giving credence to a false idea that there are no former homosexuals…Like Daniel and Paul we must encounter our enemies in that arena and declare the glory of God.

On exgaywatch and those of us who write here

“XGWers” sit around like a bunch of gossiping sissies, oops queers, disparaging people and their lives, wetting your pink panties laughing at the death of good men and mocking the faith of Christians who disagree with you. BUT when you get an ounce of xlax you fall apart. Typical for a hen house.

On gay pride and the “all the people”

Do you think ancient Sodom held gay pride parades? I think they did. Everyday. Regardless of how long this has been going on, it is still very strongly considered unnatural behavior. Thousands of years of social standards have excluded homosexuality from acceptable sexual activity… Millions of Americans are sick and disgusted at having to endure what they believe is an affront to God Almighty… I want to be the first to applaud the President for cutting off the flow of official recognition for such a shameful, political spectacle. This is what I call being President of all the people.

And finally, as DL Foster heads to the Caribbean, site of murder and beatings, here are his thoughts on homophobia in Jamaica

I have written before that so called homophobia is a justified reaction…In his powerfully written argument published in the Jamaica Gleaner, Dr. Leachim Semaj says “I take issue with the recent discussion describing Jamaican people who see homosexuality as dysfunctional or deviant as being sick people. This is what is done when one subscribes to the concept of “homophobia”…Dr. Semaj who has written for major outlets internationally, is on point with his commentary.

I think it is quite clear that the choice to send DL Foster to Barbados was not accidental. His message of derision of gay people and his championing of homophobia is the message that Exodus has for the Caribbean.

I wonder if they’ve gone too far. I wonder if violence and death will result from this seminar. I wonder if finally some of those in Exodus will look at the blood on their hands and realize that in their efforts to win political battles they have become instruments of evil.

ADDENDUM: Thanks to grantdale for brining this trip to our attention along with Scott for Foster’s personal attack in reponse to this thread

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