Today’s guest is Jerry Leach, a former pre-op MTF transsexual.

Translation: He was about to have gender reassignment surgery but decided not to and now goes around peddling his comical ideas about gender conformity to others.

In my excerpt Jerry shares with us how “the stereotypical male homosexual will engage in at some point” the wearing of clothing of the opposite gender and various other whacky deviations of that.

Stephen: Jerry let’s take a moment to talk about cross-dressing for those who may not understand it. Is there a connection between cross-dressing and homosexuality. Tell me and the listeners what cross-dressing is really all about.

Jerry: Well cross dressing is something that the stereotypical male homosexual will engage in at some point. I’ve worked with the homosexual since 89. I’ve been a part of Exodus International since then. And in a great number of stories the men will have experimented with clothing of the opposite gender but really the thing they’re looking for is the connection with a man, a sexual connection and it’s more plausible to have a sexual connection in your own thinking with a male if you are then maybe magically turned into a female. So cross dressing is a very common thing, I mean not necessarily a full blown display of it but maybe wearing mom’s high heels and liking that or some article of clothing that identifies. I’ve talked with a number of homosexual guys who in their early childhood put towels over their head to symbolize long hair or a bath towel around their waist to symbolize a skirt in their own imagination but that’s usually abandoned fairly early on because the male is yet the mystery in their lives. The female is not a mystery so much because the stereotypical home of the guy who’s having same sex attractions is that he has spent a lot of time with mom and really understands mom and her world but feels good enough about himself as a boy and a guy, a male, that he’s still trying to find out what males are all about.
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