”One for gay sex please…”

It’s not often you walk up to a ticket booth and a legitimate theater and say that. I went to see Gay Sex in the ‘70s last night. For those of you interested the last showing at the Laemmle Sunset 5 is on Thursday night. Sometimes I just get tired of trying to intellectualize how all my experiences in gay culture might possibly relate to exgays so I’m not going to try and do that. Rather I’ve got a few thoughts on the film.

Footage of the 70s consisted of old news footage, some pornography and absolutely brilliant still photographs. One of the interviewees is gay photographer Tom Bianchi so I’m guessing they were his. Most of the other interviewees were fascinating, entertaining, and endearing. Essentially the first half of the movie is spent laying groundwork; impressing upon us just how outrageous and over-the-top gay sex in the 70s was. It reached the point where I was saying to myself, “yeah I get the idea already.” Needless to say the film delivers on what it promises in that respect. As the film approached the advent of HIV/AIDS I’m glad it went beyond the title and discussed how people were affected by this sea change in gay culture. This was one of the most fascinating and touching parts of the film. I felt they could have ended on that historical note rather than making a quick concluding nod to “the future of gay sexuality” which seemed unnecessary.

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