In an interview plagued by mediocre English, selective memory, and confused politics, Hilmar von Kampe — who was a youth in Nazi Germany — tells Focus on the Family:

  • Conservative Christians were somehow distinct, more moral, than other German conservatives who observed anti-Semitism and did nothing to stop it. How were they different? He does not say.
  • He and his family somehow didn’t know about the Holocaust, even though millions of Jews were vanishing.
  • He didn’t know the West was fighting the Nazis. He thought they were fighting Germany, and the Nazis just happened to be in charge at the time.
  • The Nazis were socialists, which are assumed to be always bad. But what are fascists? von Kampe does not say.
  • America is becoming like Nazi Germany because of the separation of church and state.

The interview — what it says, and its numerous convenient omissions — is worth dissecting point-by-point, if someone has time….

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