While poking around public records (which I’m not going to specify in the interest of Alan’s privacy) I found last August Alan and Leslie Chambers purchased a four bedroom home for $325,500. I don’t think Leslie is a full time staffer at Exodus but I did find record she was the manager of Exodus’ 2004 Freedom Conference.

Update: Alan Chambers added the following information in a comment posted to this entry.

1. In 1999 my family gave us money to buy our first home in College Park–Downtown Orlando’s oldest neighborhood. We bought on a street that had yet to “catch on”. We paid $137,000 for our home. 6 years later we sold it for $325,000. We had paid a lot off on our home and thus had a lot to put down on our new, modest, home. We live beneath our means and we do not go in debt, aside from a small mortgage.

2. I am happy to tell you that in 2005 my income from Exodus AND speaking engagements was about $65k. Far less than the presidents of HRC, GLAAD, GLSEN and the other pro-gay organizations.

3. All honorariums and proceeds from my book go to Exodus and not to me.

4. Leslie coordinated the 2003 Exodus Conference for $10/hour. Her total income for 2003 was about $10k. She did this as a favor to Exodus so that we didn’t have to pay a lot of $ to hire out.

5. For those of you who think $325k is a lot for a home in Orlando, think again. We sold our 1350 sq. ft. home in College Park for $325 and bought our new home for the same price in Winter Park. Today, both homes are worth more than $450k–appraised. The Orlando market is staggering.

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