Peterson Toscano reports Nathan Bell, associate director of Love In Action, has been terminated by the ministry. Peterson has extensive contacts associated (past and present) with LIA. Bob Painter, former participant and staffer, was among 195 recipients of a mass email from Bell announcing the termination and forwarded it to Peterson.

Good Morning,

I am writing to communicate a couple of important things. First, thanks to all of you for your support of me throughout my years at Love in Action. Unfortunately I have been terminated from my position after 8 years of cooperative work. It is important for me that you know his termination was not over a moral failure on my part – nor over any negligence of my responsibilities.

I solicit your prayers for me and for the ministry as we walk through a transition season.

I appreciate your support of me over the years. I hope to remain in contact with you and to continue working with you as God leads and directs.

Have a blessed day.

Nathan C. Bell

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