I recently learned blog Good As You has made offers to ex-gays asking them to appear on The 700 Club and take a lie detector test. Earlier this week Tim Wilkins of Cross Ministries accepted Good As You’s challenge. The 700 Club hasn’t been involved in the offer so I emailed them yesterday asking if they’re interested in having this event take place on their show.

I’d like to congratulate Tim Wilkins for having the balls to stand up for what he believes. Honestly, I’m impressed.

Update: In answer to reader comments, as well as my own initial thoughts, Good As You intends to ask far more than simply “are you a homosexual.” Ex-gays are a tricky group and have been know to do the semantics-dance around the meaning of the word “homosexual.” Good As You’s oroginal proposition (the second link above) reads:

Let’s go on your own turf of “The 700 Club” and take a lie detector test on the nature of our sexualities.

And of course there’s the issue of someone who truly believes something which is untrue. What sort of polygraph reading would result? I really know nothing about polygraphs so I’m going to shut my big mouth for now.

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