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Not everyone agrees. Exodus International, a Christian group that works to “cure” gays, is urging people not to see the movie.

“It’s something that’s absolutely being marketed towards kids who will take away: ‘Oh, I can be like Jake Gyllenhaal; I can be like Heath Ledger. That’s what our relationship can be like,’ ” said Alan Chambers, Exodus International’s president.

Incidently the press release Exodus just issued is 370 words, which sort of dwarfs Chambers’ sound bite on GMA.

Update: to the rescue with an article perfect for Alan if his wife drags him to Brokeback Mountain titled, “The straight dude’s guide to ‘Brokeback’.” Now seeing as how we’re on the subject at poking fun at Alan how about nominating him for the upcoming “Mr. Hetero” pageant.

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