Meta tags are hidden code in a web page written by a webmaster to direct a search engine how to classify that page. Focus on the Family spin-off site Troubled With uses such tags. Blogger GoodAsYou. was curious what meta tags keywords Focus uses on their pages associated with homosexuality and found this.


I’m Troubled With Focus’ hidden self-description of their own resources on sexuality. It should be noted the “Contact Us” page of Troubled With affirms the views presented on the site are shared by James Dobson.

The approach and perspective offered here reflect the views of the organization and its founder, Dr. James Dobson.

To view Focus’ page with questionable meta tags click here. To view the source code, in your browser pull down the “view” menu and select “source” or “view source.” This will open a new window with the web page’s code. In the event Focus gets wise to this and changes their pages, you can access a google cache of the page here.

11/14 Update: Far right WORLD Magazine’s blog has picked up the story after I sent them a tip.

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