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The Pat Robertson-founded American Center for Law and Justice is ostensibly a religious-right nonprofit legal-advocacy organization.

But Tony Mauro of Legal Times reports that Jay Sekulow, head of ACLJ, has “feathered his nest” with perks far out of line for an organization that calls itself either “nonprofit” or “Christian.” Mauro uncovers payments to Sekulow that are extreme for a nonprofit; the use of a private jet; chauffeur-driven cars; several houses; nepotism (ACLJ jobs for family members); and signs of money laundering. ACLJ provides all this and more to a man who in the 1980s was accused of securities fraud, and who now (like James Dobson) profits from a complex web of personal, business and nonprofit entities.

Mauro contends that Sekulow’s profligacy has produced a backlash among associates who believe the handling of his organizations’ finances does not exemplify Christian teachings.

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