Gadfly ex-gay activist, Steven Bennett, has issued a press release stating his firm stance “in direct opposition to his State’s new law legalizing homosexual civil unions.”

He describes himself thus:

Stephen Bennett is a man who once engaged in homosexuality for 11 years with over 100 male partners. He completely left the homosexual lifestyle in 1992.

Here at exgaywatch, we are still waiting to find confirmation of the existence of any of those 100 male partners.

Bennett goes on to clarify that his real objection is something other than civil unions:

“This is a very sad day for my home State of Connecticut. While all human beings deserve to be treated with love and respect, all behaviors do NOT need to be tolerated. Just because a State legalizes something, does not make it morally right. Contrary to my State’s beliefs, homosexual behavior is far from “natural and normal.” You better believe we will now even be more fervent in educating people in Connecticut and around the country about the truths and dangers of the homosexual lifestyle.”

It’s quite clear that Bennett objects to the toleration and legality of “homosexual behavior”. This attitude is extreme for ex-gay activists.

He concludes with:

Stephen, his wife Irene, along with a group of other former homosexual men and women, will be begin a statewide tour of Connecticut in a series of Public Town Meetings called “Straight Talk About Homosexuality” beginning this month. The talks will also feature medical and psychological experts on the issue.

Anyone in the Connecticut area may want to observe this dog and pony show to see what claims Bennett makes and who he produces to support his often bizarre positions.

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