Exodus lobbyist Randy Thomas comments on the Oct. 28 Boston Globe interview of him at Focus on the Family’s Love Won Out road show.

I criticized the article here for its failure to confirm the accuracy of Thomas’s statements and for overlooking the very public antigay political activities of Exodus and Focus on the Family.

In other Randy Thomas news…

Earlier this week on his blog, Randy Thomas tried to evangelize an airplane seatmate with his exgay business card. Having already stereotyped the woman as a “nice new age priestess,” he then wonders why the woman becomes a “snarling sarcastic something-or-other.” Thomas feels the woman presumed too much about him; he concludes: “I, like my God, see all people as complex and priceless treasures…not junk.”

Question: So why does he stereotype people as if they were junk?

Observation: His elevation of his own opinion to be that of God seems just a wee bit blasphemous.

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