In the AFA’s Agapepress last week:

[Linda Harvey of Mission America] warns that the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is disseminating information in an effort that is creating confrontational pro-homosexual student activists. A website for the organization’s Lesbian and Gay Rights Project offers students a “Know Your Rights” card and refers to laws that purportedly protect homosexual behavior…

…The pro-family spokeswoman believes the ACLU, in its effort to educate homosexual students of these so-called “rights,” is setting up a situation in which the civil liberties organization can sue a school on behalf of a student who does not get what he or she wants at school…

…Harvey says since the ACLU has a myriad of resources for homosexual students yet offers none for Christian students, the group is clearly demonstrating that its commitment to diversity is phony.(*)

In the AFA’s Agapepress today:

The [See You At The Pole] national organization, which provides promotional material and guidance for groups planning a SYATP event, also provides information on students’ rights to gather on school grounds for the sole purpose of praying for their nation, their campuses, and their families. The group encourages SYATP participants to be prepared for possible opposition from school officials, and to know their rights, [and] plan their response(*)

So… Last week the AFA espoused the viewpoint students SHOULD NOT utilize their established right of equal access and then decided this week maybe students SHOULD embrace that right after all.

*cough* pick and choose absolutism *cough*

Mission America? Where does the AFA find these backwood-yahoo groups to say outrageous things we at XGW can use against them? I sure don’t see any resources for gay students from the AFA or Mission America… These groups are clearly demonstrating that their commitment to diversity is phony. [This is a JOKE people, exgays have no sense of humor.] The hypocrisy has reached comic proportions. Feel free to contact Mission America here.

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