Last month, Pat Robertson blamed unnamed 1970s gay activists for establishing no-fault divorce laws, and accused unnamed lesbians of leading the battle for abortion rights. Robertson also called for the assassination of populist Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, whose policies reflect an affinity for Christian liberation theology. Many conservatives (including the National Association of Evangelicals) condemned Robertson’s remarks against Chavez.

This month, The Nation and bloggers Max Blumenthal and Orcinus have been examining Robertson’s receipt of Katrina subsidies from the lethally corrupt and inept Federal Emergency Management Agency.

While the NAE and others eye Robertson with skepticism, critical examinations of one’s political allegiances are rare in the exgay movement. On his blog and web site, periodic 700 Club guest and exgay activist Stephen Bennett has offered no criticism of Robertson.

Nor has Bennett retracted his recent endorsement of Repent America, which was among the first religious-right organizations to blame the near-destruction of New Orleans on homosexuals.

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