’s magazine, Citizen, recently published an article responding to some of Soulforce’s claims of spiritual violence. Their response, however, requires a very illogical manner of thinking to debunk anything.

Soulforce greatly distorts Dr. Dobson’s views on the root causes of homosexuality. In fact, Dr. Dobson and many others in the mental health field see homosexuality as a developmental condition stemming from a combination of
factors—including, but not limited to, dysfunctional familial relationships.

The fact is, Citizen isn’t debating anything here. The point of Soulforce’s claim is that Dobson sees homosexuality from a clinically false viewpoint – that it is a changeable condition. So arguing about the exact semantics of it is pointless.

Thousands of men and women who have left behind their gay and lesbian identities are living testimonies of the reality that homosexuality is a condition which can be overcome.

Really? Thousands? Wasn’t it hundreds of thousands? And where are they, and where are their testimonies published and reviewed as clinical evidence?

Even the pro-gay American Psychological Association admits that the current scientific consensus is that homosexuality results from a combination of biological, psychological and social/environmental factors.

Does the APA admit that homosexuality is a changeable condition that people should undergo therapy to rid themselves of? Again, semantics.

More homosexuals than heterosexuals engage in smoking, alcohol abuse, domestic violence, mental illness and promiscuity.

Where do these numbers come from? How does one define “promiscuity?” How exactly does one “engage in” mental illness?

Recent studies in the United States, New Zealand and the Netherlands reveal a link between homosexuality and mental illness. Gay researcher J. Michael Bailey says “these studies contain arguably the best published data on the association between homosexuality and psychopathology” and that homosexuals are at “substantially higher risk for some forms of emotional problems, including suicidality, major depression, anxiety disorder, and nicotine dependence.”

Is this the same J. Michael Bailey that was linked to the Human Biodeiversity Institute and eugenics? The one who lost his chair at Northwestern amid allegations of sexual misconduct? Now, where were those other studies published?

Honestly, the whole article goes on like this. Spitzer is cited, non-sequitor questions are asked, and other malfunctions of logic are presented as arguments. They deride Soulforce for refusing to debate with them. Get the July 2005 edition of Citizen Magazine to read the whole thing; or don’t waste your time.

It seems to me that Focus is using propaganda tactics to fight the idea that homosexuality should be tolerated. They repeat, over and over, the same distortions, half-truths, discredited ‘facts,’ and outright lies in the hopes that people will believe them. Whether the research is good or not, whether the arguments are valid or not, Focus is hoping to get their ideas across through constant, loud repitition. Unfortunately, the only way to answer such a tactic is with repitition of our own, using facts and valid arguments to counter the propaganda that Focus is spreading.

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