Alan Keyes’ web site published a rubbish-strewn article by Nathan Tabor on Sept. 8.

Without attribution, the article relies upon:

  • ostracized Dr. Paul Cameron’s claims that gay men tend to die by age 42;
  • rightist hate groups’ myth that gay rights advocates say their lifestyle is genetically determined and claim they have no choice over their behavior;
  • the myth that “most homosexuals reject God,”;
  • scientifically illiterate distortions of the theory of evolution.

Libertarian blogger Jon Rowe corrects the Keyes-Tabor distortions of science with a link to Edward M. Miller, PhD’s 2000 study, “Homosexuality, Birth Order, and Evolution: Towards a Equilibrium — Reproductive Economics of Homosexuality.”

Rowe also finds several other hate groups recently using Cameron’s phony research, despite readily available articles debunking the man’s propaganda.

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