The following quotes are from an article about a Focus on the Family forum where an Indiana congressman discussed how religion should influence public policy.

The Indiana Family Institute, a nonprofit with close ties to Focus on the Family, invited pastors to discuss how they might move Indiana down from its rank as No. 13 on the list of states with the most divorces.


Rep. John Hostettler told area clergy that divorce on demand is as dangerous as gay marriage, and pastors’ actions will be key to strengthening all Indiana families.


“If we don’t stand for God’s principles in our society, who will?” asked the Rev. Paul DeHart of the Newburgh Church of Christ. “What God has given us is the gift of democracy.”


“Christians make the best citizens because we don’t answer just to local magistrates,” DeHart said.

Those magistrates – and all public officials – are ordained deacons of God, Hostettler said. He cited the specific reference to civil government in the Bible, and extended the ordination to leaders of all backgrounds.

That diversity, however, should not limit the role faith plays in American public life, Hostettler said.

“A pluralistic society is one where all belief systems are present,” he said, “but that doesn’t mean all value systems are equal.”

It seems to me that at least in Indiana that once gay marriage is banned that divorce is next on the list.

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