Kodak wants to make transgender employees comfortable by giving them their own bathroom. Mara Keisling is with the National Center for Transgender Equality. She commends Kodak for helping America get over its fears.

“For some reason Americans don’t like to be in bathrooms with people who are different than them. And we always get past it with a particular group and then we find another group.”

She thinks gender neutral bathrooms will keep transgender people from being harassed. Robert Knight of Concerned Women for America is not as ready to praise Kodak and others for their concern.

“If companies want to add bathrooms to accommodate these demands it’s their business, but it isn’t an act of compassion. It’s an act of co-dependence.” [*]

Wait just a second…

Robert Knight -> [male]

CWFA -> [female]

So, speaking of gender confusion…

Oh come on people we’ve all wondered why a man is always representing a group with “women” in the name. Now seemed as good of a time as any to poke fun at the obvious. But in the words of Mike Airhart, exgays have no sense of humor so I’m sure I’ll get smack for this.

Moving to a serious note, please note how Knight offers no substantiation for his claims.

Isn’t it cute when dominionists normally preoccupied with us queers attempt these even more irrational forays into attacking trans folk.

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