The Montgomery County, Maryland, Board of Education will limit a reconstituted sex-education committee to an advisory role in planning a new sex-ed curriculum, according to The Washington Blade.

The antigay parents and spouses group PFOX and the abstinence-only group Citizens for a Responsible Curriculum will each have one representative on the sex-ed advisory committee. PFOX had sought to nominate national antigay activist Peter Sprigg of the Family Research Council as its representative. The organizations’ literature claims that homosexuality is caused by bad fathering, modern gender roles, and molestation.

The Blade article quotes supporters of PFOX and CRC:

Rockville, Md., antigay doctor Ruth M. Jacobs equates same-gender attraction with “rectal sex.”

Antigay parent Samara Mendoza views ineffective reparative therapies as “principled positions” worthy of inclusion in secondary-school curricula.

Several antigay parents claim that the mere recognition of different types of families somehow marginalizes “traditional families.”

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