An interesting snippet from Peter Sprigg of FRC talking about the upcoming hearing on Roberts’ nomination to the Supreme Court. Peter Sprigg is the man whom PFOX wishes to see on the Montgomery County School Board helping to decide on the new (new) sexuality curriculum.

Still, he added, “I would say that we would not want a candidate to say they considered Lawrence vs. Texas to be settled law or beyond the scope of review on constitutional grounds.” [*]

A few other interesting little snippets from the usual suspects (CWFA etc) that also show a disturbing intention to re-criminalize homosexuality, if they can.

-Grant & Dale

Dan’s Addendum: “Justice” Sunday II made repeated mention of the gross indignity of Lawrence vs. Texas[*] as though the American public actively seeks to re-criminalize homosexuality and would do so if it weren’t for those pesky judges.

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