Mel Sheesholtz, Ph.D, voices skepticism about Destructive Trends in Mental Health (Amazon link), a new book edited by Rogers H. Wright and Nicolas A. Cummings.

However, Sheesholtz is much more skeptical of a review written for the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality by NARTH member A. Dean Byrd.

In his critique of the book and the NARTH review, Sheesholtz:

  • questions the timing of Byrd’s review — the book was published in March, but it was not reviewed until July 5 amid the Love In Action media circus;
  • interprets the book’s call for patient freedom in choosing therapies as a defense of the right of patients to be misled and ripped off;
  • wonders whether the authors and Byrd would support a patient’s right to set therapeutic goals if the patient sought a reparative therapist’s help to become more homosexual rather than less.

Of Exodus International, Sheesholtz says, “it provides another example of what happens to health care in a theocracy. … In the American theocracy [that] Exodus advocates, religious dogma cobbled together by power-hungry fanatics takes precedence over everything else, including science, common sense, reality and their own history.”

I agree with the book’s sentiment that there’s a bit too much social activism going on in professional circles — but it seems to me that the activism is coming from all sides, not just those who affirm individuals’ pre-existing sexual orientation.

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