Britain’s BBC2 will broadcast “Sad to Be Gay” tonight at 9 p.m. local time.

From the program description:

David Akinsanya hates being gay. He has been living as a gay man for 20 years but if he could take a pill to make him heterosexual he’d pop it without a second thought. In Sad to be Gay, David sees if it’s possible to go straight. David believes his homosexuality is learned behaviour, but will it be something he can unlearn?

David decides to attend a controversial treatment centre in America that promises “freedom from homosexuality through the power of Jesus Christ”. Many of the centre’s staff and its clients are also “struggling with same sex attraction”.

David makes a revealing and tearful admission about his unhappy past to the group – yet he starts to doubt the centre’s methods, and begins to question whether its prayers and support will succeed in making him straight.

The documentary follows the ups and downs of David’s turbulent journey and asks whether being gay is something you can change.

In advance of the autobiographical program, BBC Radio interviewed Akinsanya and Jason Pollock, director of pride London. Here’s a RealAudio broadcast of the interview.

XGW’s Timothy Kincaid discusses Akinsanya’s struggle here.

Former exgay Peterson Toscano discusses Akinsanya’s unhappy ordeal with the U.S.-based Love In Action program here.

(Hat tips: Jimbo, Nicolas, Richard Sparrow)

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