It’s no secret many XGW readers feel religion is disproportionately wielded politically by the right. Jerry Falwell’s column at the WorldNetDaily takes aim at a new group called the Christian Alliance for Progress. Based on their webpage, primary goals focus on:

economic justice
responsible environmental stewardship
LGBT equality
“effective prevention” vs. criminalizing abortion
seeking peace
universal health care

Falwell responds by labeling this group un-Christian, (even in the headline of his column) and accuses them of falsely portraying Jesus as a “hippie do-gooder.” (Yes, he used that exact phrase; I don’t just make this stuff up.)

I’m sorry, but I grew up in a community where one is free to disagree on religion and politics but there is NOTHING more singularly offensive and elitist than labeling someone un-Christian or anti-American as the conservative media does regularly without hesitation. You can yell, you can scream, you can even use some choice 4-letter words, but the way I was raised, under no circumstances do you ever call someone who believes they are working to improve their religion of country “un-American” or “un-Christian” no matter how much you disagree.

Fox News isn’t above this either. For your viewing pleasure here’s a FoxNews Channel report discussing how “pro-American/patriotic” movies do better at the box office. One host is perfectly open about his categorization of “Homosexual themed” films as un-American. This example I also find exceptionally offensive and morally elitist.

Is that a “W doll” I spy on the top right?

(Video put together by, one of my favorite blogs)

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