The Queer Action Council of Memphis, Tenn., has announced two vigils July 29 at antigay boot camp Love In Action:

Please join us for what we anticipate will be the largest peaceful demonstration against the practices of “Love” in Action to date, and possibly the last for awhile. We anticipate major national media present and we hope that all of those who feel strongly about this issue will come show their support at either, if not both of these rallies. Please bring appropriate, non-judgmental, positive signs, banners, and attitudes.

Zach Stark, the Tennessee teenager who blogged about his parents’ negative reaction to his coming out, may soon be released from Love in Action, according to The Washington Blade.

(The Blade article further reports that LIA remains in violation with Tennessee laws requiring drug and alcohol treatment programs to be licensed, and quotes a Los Angeles psychologist who says Stark’s father and LIA’s directors may be in need of therapy to overcome homophobia-related anxieties.)

QAC reports that a July 18 demonstration “went really well” and that the organization has received messages of support from Love In Action co-founder John Evans, who is now a gay Christian. Of LIA, Evans says:

“Love in Action is a very, very dangerous organization that has been destroying people’s lives since 1973, and they continue to do so today.”

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