From an interview in the April edition of the American (Anti)Family Association “Journal.” (Hat tip: Freedom Of….)

Exgay activist Stephen Bennett says:

But overall, the media ignores our claims to have left the homosexual lifestyle. And this is all based upon the demands of the National Gay and Lesbian Journalist Association, which has provided a stylebook to everyone in the media, telling them what language to use when addressing the issue of homosexuality. And this influential organization tells the media not to give any credence to the claims of ex-homosexuals.

That claim appears to be false (and Bennett got the organization’s name wrong, to boot). Bennett cites no incidents where the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association has actually said anything about exgays. Furthermore, the stylebook supplement is available here as a PDF file. Its only reference to exgays is this glossary definition:

“‘ex-gay’ (adj.): The movement,
mostly rooted in conservative religions,
that aims to change the sexual
attraction of individuals from samesex
to opposite-sex.”

Bennett appears not to have checked his facts. And he neglects to disclose his own work assignments on behalf of… the American Family Association.

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