NY Times is reporting that the mayor of Spokane, Wash., James West (a Republican and outspoken opponent of gay rights), has been accused of molesting two young boys when he was a Scout Master, years ago.

West was married to a woman and insists that he is not gay, although he does admit to having sex with other adult men; apparently when he was filling out his gay.com profile (RightBi-Guy) he was “confused.”

Here’s someone who obviously bought into the Right’s version of how SSA people should deal with our sexuality (“for God’s sake, suppress it at all costs!”). This should be a reminder that lying to everyone about who you are doesn’t make the truth go away–it just drives the truth underground to a place where it festers and turns cancerous.

Instead, I have the feeling this episode will be taken as one more piece of evidence that happy, functional, monogamous, out gay people are unfit to be Scout leaders.

UPDATE: Steve Miller at the Independent Gay Forum just wrote the exact same post! Only better. Check it out.

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