This is an oldie, but worth bringing up, I think.

The December 2004 issue of Christianity Today published this exgay smear against Christians.

Hiding behind the name “Anonymous,” and safe from analysis and accountability to those whom he judges, the writer refers to all gay-tolerant churches as a single entity and says they all “cheated” him and “lied” to him.

According to Anonymous:

  • homosexuality — not unsafe sex — causes AIDS and STDs;
  • affirming churches caused his addiction to online pornography and tempted him to betray his wife

Anonymous says, “I admit my responsibility for believing them (the lies)” — but in fact he does not. He lies about the causes of STDs; lies about the differing positions of tolerant Christian churches toward marriage and divorce; blames affirming churches for his wife’s antigay embarrassment about his struggle; and his idea of a “Christian” pastor is someone who dismisses gay children of God as though they were cancerous.

Anonymous concludes:

we can respond like Jesus would, with grace and truth: “Come unto me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.”

Very true, Jesus would respond like that — but what Anonymous describes in his antigay church is neither grace nor rest — but rather:

  1. a flight from responsibility
  2. a blame game of vague accusations against all tolerant Christian individuals
  3. a dispirited prison of spousal and self-embarrassment.

Anonymous’s I-am-a-victim mantra is an embarrassment, all right — to true Christians.

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