Stephen BennettEvidently it’s a slow news day over at AFA’s AgapePress, which decided to reprint a fluffy little interview from last month with Stephen Bennett whom, and here’s the big shocker, has absolutely nothing new to say.

(Actually I lied, he’s got a new CD for sale on his website and something that huge clearly deserves this 1,300-word AFA lovefest article.)

“But these are men and women who unfortunately have been rejected from day one — by their own families, by friends, by their peers.”

“There’s no doubt about the fact that the Bible calls homosexuality an abomination.”

“One of my favorite analogies is that the thing a smoker hates the most is an ex-smoker. It’s the same situation with homosexuals.”


Bennett closes by stating that since Lawrence V. Texas and the advent of marriage equality in Massachusetts his phone has been ringing. This once again alludes to how ex-gays are utilized to deny civil rights to happy, healthy, and self-affirmed gay Americans.

“But when the U.S. Supreme Court struck down sodomy laws in Lawrence v. Texas, that really jolted many pastors. And then when the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court legalized same-sex marriage, churches really got nervous, and then our phone started ringing. It’s been nonstop ever since. Last year we ministered at over 50 churches and events.”

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