Most bloggers and pundits have taken sides in the Terri Schiavo debacle, and a few have actually contributed constructively to the debate. Among them: Charles Krauthammer.

You may count Exodus official and part-time FRC pundit Randy Thomas among the "most" but not among the "few." His recent finger-wagging string of insults and threats embarrasses the cause of those who believe in providing basic sustenance (but not extraordinary life support) to the severely disabled or the not-quite-brain-dead.

Thomas’ subject line: "Mike Schiavo, his lawyer Felos and the Judiciary should pull up a chair next to Scott Peterson."

How Christian of him: An Exodus official is wishing the death penalty upon Michael Schiavo, his lawyers, and the U.S. judicial system.

Thomas’ effort to throw gasoline on a tragic fire proceeds like this:

Thomas: "Terri is not in a ‘vegatative (sic) state.’"
(False, according to most doctors.)

Thomas: "Mike Schiavo (the selfish husband)…"
(Sticks and stones.)

Thomas: "… was supposed to use those millions for her rehab. Not a dime went toward that."

Thomas (who tolerates religious-right divorce and remarriage): "Instead Mike Schiavo shacked up with another woman, had children with his mistress and used that money for his personal life and for litigation to end Terri’s life."
(Do unto your neighbor, Mr. Thomas.)

The state of Florida has not, to my knowledge, permitted Mr. Schiavo to obtain a divorce, because he lacks the required consent of a person/body that is forever incapable of providing it. I think it is sad, but not unreasonable, for a person in Mr. Schiavo’s position — wedded by legalists (such as Thomas) to a living-dead spouse who will almost certainly never return to sentience — to eventually choose to move on with life by rebuilding a family.

Family values, Mr. Thomas. Perhaps you’ve heard of them.

Christian and mainstream ethicists disagree over whether food and water constitute extraordinary (excessive) means of life support; many say sustenance is not excessive and, personally, I side with those liberal Christians who view healthy food and clean water as basic rights for all persons — not just the undead. Compare that to Thomas’ position: His GOP buddies are slashing the Medicaid funding that keeps Terri Schiavo alive.

Unlike Mr. Thomas, I respect the U.S. Constitution; the judicial system’s check against abuses of power by extremists and mobs; and the experts who weighed all the evidence (both public and unpublicized) in the 15-year case.

My own opinion about the Terri Schiavo situation is irrelevant but, I hope, more constructive than that of Exodus officials:

I dislike the rulings, but they accurately and loyally enforce Florida law and Constitutional precedent. The only judicial activism that I see, is happening among the religious right.

I sympathize with both sides in the dispute; I support the authority of the judiciary; and I fear exactly what Mr. Thomas essentially admits he is doing:

Randy Thomas, and his co-pundits at FRC, are using the tragedy of Terri Schiavo not to preserve life — which is indeed worth preserving — but to declare a death penalty against the U.S. judicial system and to "impeach" anyone whom they presume to hate.

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