Commenters have noticed that I removed the direct navigation links to the few active exgay blogs on the Net.

First, a reassurance: I will continue to discuss fresh exgay blog entries that seem pertinent, and I welcome unsolicited tips or comments about them via e-mail.

However, two web traffic monitoring services indicated to me that some of the exgay blogs received a disproportionate share of their visitors via XGW. And none of the blogs returned the favor.

One XGW reader suggested that a permanent, unqualified navlink — of
the sort that exists in a navigation bar — implies some degree of
endorsement. I agreed — somewhat: Links to anonymous web sites that
lack accountability or that regularly publish unsubstantiated and false claims should be
clearly identified as such.

So I dropped the permanent navigation links for now.

If an exgay author wishes to receive a permanent and unqualified
link from another web site, then I think it’s reasonable for a would-be
referrer to request some modest gestures of accountability and good
will. Specifically:

  1. The author must be identified. Anonymity suggests, at minimum,
    a lack of accountability… and sometimes a lack of integrity.
  2. The author must not only permit but welcome an open exchange of views.
  3. The author must establish a pattern of accurate, honest and
    responsible writing: Assertions about other persons or groups should be
    documented from reliable sources — not circular links within the echo
    chamber of the political religious right. Generalizations should be
    avoided. Blame-shifting, stereotyping, and strawman argumentation are
  4. Exgay mistakes and moral offenses should be proactively
    acknowledged — not ignored or suppressed. Whistleblowers should be
    thanked, not ridiculed.

If an active exgay blog meets these criteria, then I would be very interested in reviewing it.

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