One of Alan Chambers‘ favorite pundits is Ann Coulter. She’s at the top of the Exodus president’s blogroll, and his own tone of writing often seems borrowed from hers.

The Village Gate notes that Coulter trashed Christmas — and Muslims — in mid-December with this comment:

"To The
People Of Islam: Just think: If we’d invaded your countries, killed
your leaders and converted you to Christianity YOU’D ALL BE OPENING

Naturally, the remark was widely publicized.

TVG blogger Renee suggests that Coulter’s conservative supporters ought to have criticized her and repudiated the remark.

After all (as one commenter said), "[Coulter] is surely playing a
role in the debasement of our culture and our political discourse."

But TVG blogger Matt Z. responded: "She is a conflict-creator who
wants liberals to become unhinged. When conservatives draw reactions
out of liberals, conservatives win. When conservatives fail in that
regard, and we simply keep helping the poor each day and improving
lives, we win."

Perhaps it makes sense for "liberals" not to feed Coulter’s craving
for attention. But conservatives like Chambers already feed Coulter’s
ego with free links and favorable quotes. When her supporters allow
Coulter’s remarks of this nature to pass as legitimate conservative or
Christian commentary, doubts arise about their own integrity.

If any of Coulter’s supporters have spoken up, Chambers is not among them.

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