65gay.com reported Dec. 28:

San Francisco County Superior Court Judge Richard Kramer … has told the city it cannot include arguments countering the assertions made by conservative groups opposing same-sex marriage that gays can be cured and that children are better off with opposite-sex parents.

Among the documents submitted by the Alliance Defense Fund are statements by Princeton University psychiatrist Jeffrey Satinover that gays misled the American Psychiatric Association into removing homosexuality from its list of mental disorders in 1973. Satinover regularly promotes so-called reparative or aversion therapy’ for gays.

Another document submitted by the group was from "ex-gay" leaders Alan Chambers and Randy Thomas of Exodus International which also promotes "converting" gays to heterosexuality. Yet another, by University of South Carolina professor George Rekers,  claims studies show children do better with heterosexual than with gay or lesbian parents.

Kramer told the city that he would not accept counter testimony, saying that he will base his ruling on legal arguments, not factual disputes.

Yet none of the exgay documents seem to offer pertinent legal arguments.

(Hat tip: Dan Gonzales, Google Alerts)

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