Updated below. According to Christian Grantham at OutletRadio:

Cheryl Jacques, the Executive Director of the Human Rights Campaign,
has been fired. According to sources that wish to remain anonymous,
HRC’s Board of Directors voted to replace Jacques with Hilary Rosen as
interim executive director. The vote took place in an emergency
conference call Monday night.

Read OutletRadio for the developing details. Here’s my own initial reaction:

Rosen is the former recording-industry lobbyist who crushed Napster and ordered onerous lawsuits against thousands of music-sharing youths and their parents. She is, quite obviously, more experienced in successful lobbying and corporate relations than Jacques.

Rosen would not be my first choice for a permanent replacement:  Even though I lean somewhat toward Democratic viewpoints, I also believe that HRC needs to improve its connections with moderate Republicans and to build equal-rights efforts from the local community level upward. I am unaware of what Rosen can do to address these needs.

Conservative Republicans control Fox News and dominate the pundits of MSNBC; meanwhile, CNN’s Anderson Cooper (who should know better) skews equal-rights debates by pitting first-tier fundamentalists like Jerry Falwell against… Al Sharpton. Lacking the largesse of the religious right and corporate executives, gay equal rights advocates have little media access.

Perhap, if the report about HRC is true, then Rosen’s experience in entertainment and media will help out there.


HRC announcement:

Citing a difference in management philosophy, the Human Rights Campaign’s boards and its president, Cheryl Jacques, announced that she will resign from her position….

The boards announced that HRC Board of Directors Co-chair Michael Berman and Hilary Rosen will lead the organization through the transition while a search for a new leader is underway. Berman is president of The Duberstein Group in Washington and Rosen led HRC’s strategic efforts to defeat of the FMA.  Rosen will be focused on internal, strategic issues and management.

Christian Grantham:

Human Rights Campaign board members Vic Basile and Mike Berman shared the news that Cheryl Jacques has been terminated.

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