We’ve previously addressed PFOX’s undiplomatic statements against public officials who are skeptical of exgay ideology. In the Maryland suburbs of Washington, D.C., PFOX fought unsuccessfully for the inclusion of exgay propaganda with the school system’s proposed sex-education curriculum. The curriculum, sans PFOX literature, was approved unanimously for a test run by the school board.

The Washington Times notes Nov. 18 that the proposed curriculum has a potential opponent in a newly elected member of the board who will take office Dec. 1. Stephen N. Abrams says the curriculum may overstep the boundary between tolerance and advocacy.

The Times gives no clue to Abrams’ opinion about PFOX’s conflicting positions:

  • opposing comprehensive sex-education programs while using them to distribute exgay ideological tracts;
  • supporting antigay discrimination while claiming to affirm diversity.

(Hat tip: John L.)

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