Half-truth = whole truth? Exodus reprints Prof. Warren Throckmorton’s recent article of half-truths about the failure rate of exgay ministries. Exodus’ headline for Throckmorton’s article is "The Whole Truth."

Slapping the other cheek: The New York Times’ Maureen Dowd comments on the religious right’s angry-mob response to the re-election of George W. Bush.

Politics, hate corrupt the faith: Michael Crowley, a senior editor at The New Republic, writes at length about James Dobson — "the religious right’s new kingmaker" — at Slate.

PFOX mom: Betty DeGeneres, mother of comedian Ellen DeGeneres, advises a 24-year-old male on what to do about a mother who harangues him with exgay propaganda.

Exgay moderate: The Northwest Arkansas Times profiles Chad Thompson, founder of Inqueery and author of the new book, "Loving Homosexuals As Jesus Would." XGW has a copy of the book and will be reviewing it.

Meet Mat Staver: The St. Petersburg Times profiles Mat Staver, antigay legal expert and a major figure in national and state efforts to deny marriage and civil unions to gay couples.

Servant of the religious right: I have previously mentioned the incompetence of The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank in reporting about conservative churches’ battle against marriage and civil unions for gay couples. AlterNet does a better job of explaining how the churches’ 2004 war against gay couples was orchestrated not by a spontaneous groundswell of morality, but by highly political and influential religious-right organizations. The article also asks where the religious right might take the Bush administration next.

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