This is what I’ve been thinking about lately: The failure of the United States, and the West, to take substantive action against real terrorism.

We spend far more time scapegoating “liberals” or “conservatives” and initiating proxy battles against uninvolved third parties while failing to address the one real threat, and its most likely manifestation in the near future: a 10-kiloton suitcase nuke detonation in New York and here in Washington. My home is just 13 blocks from the Capitol; my office is four blocks from the White House.

This does relate peripherally to XGW: Instead of simply addressing their own sexual disorders and working constructively with gays and the general public on real threats, the activists at Exodus, NARTH and PFOX have been eager participants in proxy wars against fellow Americans, while the main threat to all of us grows.

Body and Soul discusses how liberal and conservative political leaders and pundits are playing the public for fools over political stereotypes and bare emotions, while keeping the nation from addressing real issues.

The nation has given up the fight against terrorism, and given in to internecine warfare.

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