Sean Kinsell comments today on persnicketiness over the identification of people as “gay” or “homosexual.”

Both gay and antigay people can become very touchy when they disapprove of the adjective being used. In court, antigay lawyers called gay attorney John Rawls “homosexual.” Rawls protested. Naturally, the religious right goes nuts, warning that one gay lawyer’s sensitivity to being called “homosexual” means no gay activist on the planet can be trusted to support free speech. The American Family Association is quoted, accurately defining homosexual as someone who is sexually attracted to the same sex.

Blogger Dan Gonzales of wrote an e-mail to XGW about the AFA’s accurate definition of “homosexual,” saying:

This has interesting implications, since most honest ex-gays freely admit to having continued same sex attractions. By this definition that would make them homosexuals.

Essentially, I agree — to be precise, AFA’s definition would mean ex-gays are still “homosexual” or “bisexual” (adjectives).

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