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The Lambda Literary Foundation withdrew J. Michael Bailey’s book “The Man Who Would Be Queen” from award consideration.

Even the relatively conservative authors at the Independent Gay Forum criticized the book for poor science, stereotypes, and moralizations against gender variance.

Naturally, when a book like this appears, the ex-gay science organization NARTH will defend it:

Among the book’s endorsers is the National Association of Therapy and Reparation of Homosexuality (NARTH), a leading proponent of “ex-gay” reparative therapy. A reviewer on the NARTH Web site “absolutely” recommends the book and said it would be useful for gay men dealing with “unwanted homosexuality.”

The NARTH web site quotes Bailey as saying in the Archives of General Psychiatry that “”homosexuality may represent a developmental error.”

The PlanetOut article notes that Bailey is under investigation by Northwestern University officials for ethics violations.

Several of his research subjects have charged that Bailey distorted their stories to better fit his theories, and that they did not consent to have their stories used in his book. Others have publicly refuted his findings.

Sounds like another academic popular among exgays: Paul Cameron.

Amazon link to Bailey’s book

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